There are above 45 fund houses in the country with about 5000 mutual fund schemes floating around. It has become a daunting task for any investor to scan and select a scheme which could appropriately match his risk - return profile and ultimately helps him in achieving the targeted goal for which he is investing. Here Indica Investments with honed skill in Research comes to his rescue.

We at Indica Investments put various Mutual Fund Schemes to rigorous test on the following parameters

i) Calculations of Returns (Absolute and annualized) for the past 1 month, 3months, 6months, 1year, 3years, 5years and since inception.

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ii) Comparison of calculated returns vis a vis bench mark indices (like BSE Index for diversified schemes, CRISIL MIP Index for Monthly Income Schemes , BSE 200 Index for Mid Cap Mutual Fund Schemes and alike) for the above mentioned periods.

iii) Deeper study of the Portfolios of selected Mutual Fund Schemes and the total number of scrips with individual and sectoral weightage.

iv) Expense Income Ratio of Various Mutual Fund Schemes.

v) Market Capitalization.

vi) Measure of Volatility – Beta, Standard Deviation, R Squared, Sharpe Ratio and Portfolio Turnover Ratio.

vii) Dividend History

viii) Investment functioning style of various fund managers – Top Down Approach or Bottom Up Approach.

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