The Products and services are conceptualized under the caption “INDICA TIMES” where TIMES indicates as follows:

T stands for Total
I stands for Investments
M stands for monitoring
E stands for execution
S stands for services

Indica Investments are specialists in designing investment portfolios of Individuals or Body Corporates as per risk return profile. The dividends earned on equity mutual funds are tax free in the hands of investors. Similarly high dividend yielding stocks are edit in the equity segment of portfolio as again these dividends are tax free and thereby are tax efficient on post tax basis.

About Us

Under Indica Times, we, in the first instance, if the client so desires, accept the entire gamut of his investments in all fields like Stocks & Shares( in electronic or physical form) Mutual Funds, Insurances, Corporate FDs, PPF for service as duly required. The portfolio is then reshuffled according to Fundamental and Technical Analysis

The portfolio appraisal is sent on regular basis to the client to make him apprise of the progress of his portfolio.

The portfolio under Indica Times is classified in three categories.
1. Conservative : 80% Debt and 20 % Equity
2. Moderate : 50% Debt and 50% Equity
3. Aggressive : 30% Debt and 70% Equity


Utmost care is taken to make the portfolio under Indica Times tax efficient at the post tax returns level. For this purpose Govt of India Interest Tax free bonds are added in conservative Portfolios; and long term Equity based mutual funds or promising A group stocks are added in the aggressive portfolios to enhance post tax returns.

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