The Strength of Indica investments lies in deep rooted research into all avenues of investments .It consistently monitors the existing investments in all fields ,weeds out the redundant and outdated themes, supplements with new and promising ones according to the client’s need and thereby reshuffles the entire holding into a smart and clicking portfolio which ensures - Growth.

FINANCIAL PLANNING – Our cutting edge

Indica Investments is thick into financial planning. We study the present assets and future liabilities of our clients taking into consideration their present age, family composition, occupation, historical background, Tax liability both present and future etc, and design a financial plan, both medium and long term , which ultimately helps them in meeting their current expenditure and making adequate provisions for their future - education of their children both at school and professional levels , marriage for their daughters and sons and ultimately their own post retirement planning.

About Us

REAL ESTATE – Our motto of wealth creation

Along with Financial assets “Indica Investments “builds Physical assets too – Real Estate. Encashing financial gains from financial portfolio at opportune times and converting them into tangible properties, thereby creating hard assets – a new formula of wealth preservation, ultimately leading to creation of a Real Estate Portfolio comprising perennial revenue generating properties at prime- most locations.

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