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SIP Calculator

Use this SIP calculator and see how the power of compounding works out wonders for you! You can actually see how a systematic investment made every month can yield such wonderful returns over a long period of time. Rs. 5000 invested for 30 years at 10% return per annum can actually make you a crorepati!

SIP Table

Use this SIP table to find out what your monthly investment would yield at different rate of returns and over different time horizons, then select the one which suits you best!

SIP Calculator Advanced

An advanced version of the basic SIP calculator, it would calculate your return post inflation. This gives a better picture of your returns taking inflation into account.

SIP Need Calculator

Do you have any future need and want to accumulate for that by investing monthly? Just punch in your need amount and an expected rate of return and find out how much you should invest monthly to achieve your target.

Delay Cost

Use this calculator and find out what it will cost you in case you postpone your investment.
Hence, the sooner, the better!
Lump sum Calculator

Use this calculator to find out what your lump sum investment made today will amount to after a certain period of time at a certain rate of return. Just punch in the amount with time and expected rate of return and see how the power of compounding works out wonders for you!