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Indica Capital Services provides both online and offline trading facility to its investors who want to execute transactions on their own. They can execute the trades on both the NSE and the BSE terminals


We provide the trading inputs in the form of daily recommendations on the basis of “Technical Analysis” to enable them to make superior and much better entry and exit decisions. Tight Stop Losses are being guided with Trailing Stop Losses to lock in accrued gains based upon the principle of “ Minimization of Losses and Maximization of Gains”.


Important Technical indicators being master minded are

i. Extrapolating the Trend Lines into future prices

ii. Rising Tops and Rising Bottoms with 50 Day Moving Average acting as Supports.

iii. Using 200 Day Moving Average for Long Term Upside and Downside Reversals.

iv. Studying Troughs and Crests Patterns to form major Supports and Resistances

v. Head & Shoulders Patterns and Neckline for major price break through.

vi. Shooting Star Patterns for Down Side Reversal and Hammer Pattern for Upside Reversal.

vii. Relative Strength Index (RSI) , Moving Average Conversations and Diversions(MACD) being used for studying Overbought and Oversold territories.

viii. Morning News Reversals and Late Evening News are being closely watched to catch the early bird.

All the above mentioned indicators are studied with Volume Indicators to reinforce the Buy, Sell and Hold decisions.


Apart from these tools, Psychological Behavior is also analyzed through the Domestic and Global events which are scanned minute to minute. These events affects the Stock Markets significantly and hence the prices.


Today is the era of Globalization where the movement of funds is very fast across the regions. This makes Stock Markets very vulnerable to Global events and hence volatile; but throws immense opportunities to a fund manager to take advantage of these events by taking out funds from one sector and moving to another across the globe. Indica Investments has the necessary Infrastructure to scan the movements of the global markets like Dow Jones, Nasdaq of the US , Footsie of the UK , Nikkei of Japan, Hangsang of Hongkong, Shanghai of China. And accordingly the strategy is carved out for the Indian Markets.


  • You will have your own Customer ID and password to login the website of the broker.

  • You can view your holding on real time basis anytime, anywhere.

  • You can view your transactions after the close of the market hours sitting anywhere.

  • You can view your Cash balance anytime, anywhere.

  • You will receive the copy of the Contract note on your registered email id next morning. It will show the detail of the transactions taken place the previous day.

  • You will receive the copy of ledger anytime, anywhere.

  • You can do the transactions on your own, sitting anywhere using User id Password.