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we undertake the study of the follwings..

We live in an era of Super specialization where both efficiency and effectiveness are the requirements of the today’s world. Hence everyone is completely focused on his job to deliver the best, leaving little time for the management of the other aspects of his life which though are very important. Here he needs the services of an expert.

Apart from this, his life has become very dynamic and complex too. His requirements are increasing and changing very fast. He wants the best of facilities, the best of education for his children, a mega marriage ceremony for them. He wants a leisure travel abroad and he wants to maintain the life style even in his post retirement age. The list is endless. His desires and satiations have become his necessities. Howover he cannot fulfill all these without a proper and adequate financial roadmap. For this he needs the services of an expert – a Financial Planner. And Indica Investments is an obvious choice. We at indica Investments prepare a blueprint which helps in achieving his goals through skillful financial management of all the available resources over his life cycle and assist him in re-orienting, re-designing and re-aligning as and when required.