Reputed “ Indica Investments “ represents a group of entities providing Financial and Investment Services and Real Estate Solutions.

Mr Vikrant Syngal, the Managing Director at “ Indica Investments “ , a highly qualified and experienced , Finance Professional is a Certified Investment Advisor registered with SEBI under the “Investment Advisors” Regulations

Today’s is the world of specialization.

For all your requirements you identify a specialist and obtain his services of a specialist for the best of results and satisfaction.
The art of investment and return has become quite complicated. There are numerous options and venues of investment, but which one would suit you and to what extent & for which time horizon!

How to save a part of your income, how to make it grow in the best possible ways! How to provide for the education & marriages of the children as well as for your old age security and happiness.

It is here that services of the most savy financial professionals at Indica Investments, duely registered with SEBI as Certified Financial Adviser under Investment Adviser Regulations 2013, are a dire necessarily.

We at Indica Investments would act as your personal fund manager. We would analyze your needs and requirements with longer and medium term, ascertain your objectives and financial goals, suggest plans to achieve them and keep you abreast of the progress on the way. We shall also make suitable reshuffling as and when required to grow ahead of times. Above all we remain with you throughout your lives to enliven your dreams.