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At present a multitude of Insurance products are available in the market and the investors are at a loss to understand which product to buy. The insurance agents pitch their products so hard that the investor falls prey to their marketing gimmicks just to find that they he has chosen a wrong product for a wrong reason.

Indica Investments has a chiseled skill in Insurance Research. We filter the product after it passes through the following set of parameters.

i) Insurer past track record with regard to percentage settlement of claims

ii) Benefits payable in the form of vesting benefits, surrender benefit, death benefits

iii) Investment objective of the fund

iv) Asset allocation

v) Risk Reward Profile

vi) Risk of Investment of the fund

vii) Charges in the form of premium allocation charge, top up allocation charge, policy administration charge, Fund management charge, Mortality charge, miscellaneous charges etc.

viii) General conditions like legislative changes, force majeure, revival of the policy, nomination, policy alteration etc.

On the basis of the above mentioned parameters we arrive at a policy suitable for an investor taking into consideration the following

i) Age

ii) Marital status

iii) Nature of profession (Job or self employment)

iv) Degree of stability in the profession and its future prospects

v) Profession of spouse

vi) Number of dependents both elderly parents and children

vii) Present life stage cycle of children

viii) Sources of Income and their perenniality

ix) Own house or rented accommodation

x) Life expectancy

xi) Existing insurance covers

xii) Availability of liquid assets

xiii) Assets and liabilities position