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We live in a dynamic world. Things do not tend to remain the same as they were earlier. So are the stocks. A stock which is once a darling of the stock market may lose its luster one day, a stock which is hot on the investment radar may go off one day. Similarly a stock which is a strong out performer today may not remain the same one day and may start under performing. So a portfolio which is bunch of these short lived nature stocks need to be reshuffled, realigned and readjusted with times.

We at Indica Investments undertaking the following

i) Study the Management Comments of the companies present in our portfolios.

ii) Go through official reports of the companies

iii) Listen to day to day news and developments affecting the stocks of the companies like impact of Import & Export duties, movement of currencies, availability of raw materials , competition, new product launches , mergers and amalgamations , joint ventures and partnerships, Govt. policies, legal developments , new order wins, activities by trade unions , expansion and diversification etc. All these details are looked into for entry and exit decision.

iv) Results are declared every quarter

We at Indica Investments take note of the market estimates, make comparison with actual results and see if they are in line with indica investments in house research estimates and reshuffle the stocks on the basis of these quarterly results taking into cognizance of future guidance.

As a result of the above mentioned reshuffling which is a continues process, a portfolio lives with times. It is dynamic, active, smart, clicking and go.